Ubujima's 360 ANoT


[ African Network of Things ]

A resources networking community for all, that believe in a United front, in making Africa a better place for all – Utopic Africa!

 – for All, by All & of All –

       Explore & Enjoy             

–  the journey & destination matter equally –

Built & Owned

Members engagements earn them cash convertible tokens or shares on platform earnings Members also collectively decide on the nature and feature of the community platform.

Community & Resource

Our Community is all about humane & community- centered internet of things. In addition to digital networking, in-person interactions and blockchain features,  we commissioned as the needed community, dialogue, apparatus to build the lives & community we want.

Change & Project

Ubujima provides change-makers access to funding, projects & collaborative tools to build meaningful partnerships and co create impactful strategies & projects for our communities.


Arts & Culture,  Music & Videos, Movies & Shows, Podcast, Blogs & News, Games, Products & Brands, and beyond.  All “African-Made”.


It allow us to operate effectively through community-first, better decision making,  encouraging  contribution & engagement, fairness, inclusiveness, etc.

Open Source & Decentralized

We embrace the principles of open exchange, collaborative participation, rapid prototyping, transparency and community-oriented development. And this underlies our decentralize (blockchain & IPFS) platform.

African Market

As the biggest digital black community, our platform gives businesses global reach, ability to engage with consumers, informatics and vast support towards growth, consciousness – socially & economically.


We embrace and provide an exploratory environment for individualized, informal and diverse learning towards  consciousness, awareness and  strengths development.