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Our Community Offerings

Global Reach

As the biggest digital African community, our platform gives marketers the ability to reach a vast consumer audience of African made products and services


Business, especially marketers, can target users on Ubujima based on demographic factors such as age, location, gender, lifestyle, and specific interests that users have chosen to share. We believe that users have a better experience when ads are expertly tailored & member solicited; therefore, more relevant to them

Social Context

We believe that the recommendations of friends and influencers have a powerful influence on consumer interest and purchase decisions. We offer marketers the ability to include “social context” with their marketing messages. Social context is information that highlights a friend’s connections with a particular brand or business


We believe that the shift to a more conscious digital world creates new opportunities for businesses to engage with interested customers. Many of our ad products offer new and innovative ways for our marketers to interact with the black community, such as user-product promotion, ads that encourage comments, include polls, invite people to an event or help users discover, etc.


Additionally, and to facilitate business growths & expansion thus promoting African products and economy, we provide our partner businesses the necessary underlying needed supports; data analytics & informatics, funds, networking & expertise, etc.