For us, we believe everyone can be a social change-maker and inherently owes that to him/herself and the community. With no doubt that, the future of innovation and any socially minded change is co-creation, Ubujima  is an avenue for all, from diverse sectors to share a common goal of creating innovative, people-centric approaches to attain and overcome the issues affecting our communities.

Joining forces with individuals, communities, governments, businesses and others, Ubujima community stands to effect  systemic changes at all levels through collective action and bold, new strategies.

Team Membership

Incentive – 20% equity of revenue generated in area of operations of the team, either founding, regional, national, state, city, or open-source software team.

Looking for – PMs, Software Engineers, Activists, Translators, Educators, Lawyers, Journalists, Financiers, Marketers, Influencers, Psychologist, Engineers, Content creators.


Independent Contributors

Come and Go  workplace allows skilled individuals & professionals to contribute voluntarily or on a compensation basis  

Content monetization for content makers & influencers is implemented so we can encourage communal and people-centric contents in today’s digital world

NGOs & Activists, Entrepreneurs & Innovators

Avenues to collaborate at eye level with target communities and members, from diverse backgrounds with a shared value system, comprising of other NGOs, socially minded professionals, entrepreneurs, activists, funders, academicians, institutions etc,  connecting to share, learn and accelerate positive impact on our communities.



Foundation Donations – all funds from donations to the foundation are invested projects voted and selected by the community.

Projects Donations – all funds from donations to a specific causes are allocated to that specific cause chosen by donors.