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Ubujima ▶ Paradigm Shift ▶ Rewriting the Status Quo

Welcome to our revolutionary open workplace and  culture. There is no boss but a common understanding and share vision

Our 369 Work-Map

The “what we do & how  we do it “ in a nutshell

With a shared vision and direction 2- Ubujima, a co-created and owned platform tool ANoT Project ( IoT ) to mobilize individual change-makers (20%) & resources, and engage the impacted community stakeholders (80%) to create sustainable social changes & projects.


Community stakeholders – the average person, businesses, governments

Changemakers – Professionals, Philanthropists, NGOs Entrepreneurs & Innovators, Influencers, SME, Etc.


Required reading 🚫 Community Conduct

We love having you here. To ensure everyone has a good experience, we ask everyone that interacts with Ubujima community to read our code of conduct.

Foundation Structure 2- Ubujima

Ubujima’s governance framework such as structure, members and finances such as compensation for memberships and contribution, etc.

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