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Ubujima’s Workplace ?

Making a Difference through multual facilitation

  • Ubujima provides all members access to funding, projects & collaborative tools to build meaningful partnerships and co create impactful strategies & projects for our communities.

Joining Ubujima Team

Access Manager allows administrators, companies, and organizations to control and restrict access to their private Knowledge Base based on WordPress user accounts. Grant permission using roles and groups.
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Collaborate & Build a project

Elegant Layouts adds Grid and Sidebar Layouts. Use Grid Layout or Sidebar Layout for KB Main page or combine Basic, Tabs, Grid and Sidebar layouts in a variety ways.
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Bring your own campaign & projects

Create Multiple Knowledge Bases, one for each product, service, topic or department. Each Knowledgebase has separate articles, URLs, KB Main Page and admin screens.
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Join Open source forum

Enhance users’ search experience and view search analytics, including popular searches and no results searches.
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