Built & Owned & Ran

Members engagement earns them cash convertible tokens or shares on platform earnings. Additionally, we communally decide on the nature and features of the  platform

Connect & Share

  • Through connecting and sharing we are strengthened as a whole and that togetherness allows us to create meaningful and extraordinary changes for our communities. 

Making a Difference

  • Members participate in and are part of a global community movement towards an enriched, elevated, transparent, but importantly, a unified Africa.

Change Facilitation

  • Ubujima provides all members access to funding, projects & collaborative tools to build meaningful partnerships and co create impactful strategies & projects for our communities.

African-made Marketplace

  •  Access a wide array of African-made products & services and brands & manufacturers around you and online –  you are not only consuming but also supporting black businesses who are a minority

Afrocentric Content & Entertainment

  • Enjoy our Afrocentric & Afrothentic  contents – Arts & Culture,  Music & Videos, Movies & Shows, Podcast, Blogs & Articles, Games, etc curated globally among black creators


  • We embrace and provide an exploratory environment for individualized, informal and diverse learning towards  consciousness, awareness and  strengths development.

Data & Privacy

We decentralized and open sources in built and in our operations (blockchain, P2P & IPFS) implying Ubujima does not own or store your data, you do.