Ubujima, though non-profit, is very “sustainability-oriented” in that its designed to directly tackle social and environmental issues, while also capturing economic value to pursue its mission.

Hence it has the potential to generate revenue in the billions annually through its ANoT platform by means

  • advertisement
  • transactions commissions (marketplace, money transfer, etc)
  • fundraising
  • investment (ROI)

Give & Take (“80/20 Pareto Principle”)

The Pareto principle is applied throughout the entire organizations for transparency and fairness in distributing and allocating resources among members, projects, communities and how we partner with third parties.

Hence the proposed financial structure ( compensation, members give back, projects, etc) as below.


1- Africa continent community

  • 80 percent of ubujima’s net income goes into back into the foundation movement and membership community. Causes and usage of the funding includes individual causes (platform contribution credits, scholarships, etc) communities and projects identified by memberships.
  • The other 20% goes to the hardworking team pulling the strings to make it all happen. Pls refer “Structure” tab in the link below for the detailed equity structure of Ubujima foundation. Critical to the success of Ubujima’s sustainability orientation, is a visionary but importantly business minded and managerial structure & team to drive and deliver on that vision.

2- Diaspora community as in EU, US, Asia

  • Diaspora teams keep 20% as an incentive compensation
  • 80% goes into the global foundation

Financial Planning

Our financial model including the below should be available soon

  • start up expenses
  • financial (cost & revenue) forecast
  • sensitivity models


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