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Ubujima, a project and a non-profit organization with a recognized US 501(c)(3) Global Charitable Entity Certificate ID 86-1480844

How to contribute to Ubujima

Give time

If you have time, we welcome your help in various areas:

Join us

  • Ubujima’s open workplace open discussion and forum communityor other projects.
  • Download and enjoy our Afrocom App – coming soon
  • Bring your own projects,

If you want to donate materials, please contact us.

Donate money

What are the financial needs of Ubujima?

  • Admin cost : hosting, site built & maintenance,
  • Design and development
  • Promote the project by organizing or participating in events (

What is the legal structure of Ubujima?

Ubujima is a non-profit organization, under US law. Ubujima has its own bank account and is responsible for running and maintaining its operations

Transparency is very engrained in every thing we do at ubujima. As part of our open community effort, all Ubujima’s funds and finances are publicly made available to all stakeholders; members, partners, teams, and the general public. You may also opt to be anonymous.

Donation Usage

Your fund donations will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions – supporting and pursuing strategic continental projects.

  • all funds from donations to the foundation are invested projects voted and selected by the community DONATE HERE
  • all funds from donations to a specific causes are allocated to that specific cause chosen by donors CHOOSE A CAUSE
  • back or donate to AFROCOM PROJECT

There is no minimal amount for your donation. If you click on one of the buttons above, you will be taken to the apprioriate pages or sites with secure and different payment gateways. We currently use stripe and paypal. You, however, don’t need only to have these accounts in order to make a donation.

If you encounter problems or if you have questions, you can contact us.

Donate to Ubujima via Bank account


Donate to Ubujima using Crypto

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