The ideal ownership structure of ubujima will be the foundation members, the design of which all members of Ubujima will be invited to contribute to, and the board of which will be elected by the network – a distributed network with no central control or ownership.

Till that is achieved, the current proposals are

– register Ubujima as a NGO in Ghana from scratch and installing temporal board of directors.

– temporary seek to be under the custodianship of current existing Pan African not-for-profit organization such as Nkrumah foundation or Edward Dubois foundation all located in Ghana

This is because a temporary solution as a legal entity is required for us to have a bank account for to carry most financial activities, partnering and contracting with third parties and the likes.

Ubujima US (for the diaspora community in USA) – registered as NGO

Ubujima EU (for the diaspora community in Europe) – NGO registration pending

Board of Directors

Our foundation work is overseen by a board of directors and senior partner staff who deeply believe in a collective call for Autopic Africa by all, off all and for all. Automatically, all national and regional partners are part of the board of directors coupled with other elected board members.

Ubujima’s board is 20% responsible for establishing policy and guiding the foundation’s work to foster Community building, resource pooling & networking and integrative expanding over the continent of Africa. Whereas the other 80% is decided by the membership community

Senior Partners (Regional and Country Partners)

Ubujima is managed by partners, led by Founder/CEO.  The respective regional and national partners  are dedicated to the cause of an Utopic Africa through Ubujima.

Mouta continue

The Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) are significant roles owned and enacted by the founder. The Chairman leads the Board of Governors in the governance and oversight of the organization. And as CEO, the founder executes Ubujima’s strategies and leads the operations and business activities of the foundation

Governance Procedures

Governance procedures provide clear guidance about expectations and enhance Board and individual Board member performance.

We are using those templates above, we must rewrite them with our brand. Unless someone has a better option.


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