Issues & Tasks

We currently need and appreciate any help in the list below. Also refer to our repo bug-tracking system

  • Homepage – using leaflet and dart. Link
    • locked in African map homepage,
    • user posts displayed with custom markers
    • tappable markers on the map as per the whole continent, region, countries, towns and localities.
    • Map interaction by tapping a map parts ulters feeds per chosen area.
    • filter and search functions that upon changed by user, the map view automatially changes
  • Middle Side Button
    • animated design per mockup
    • able to filter map and feed contents hence integrated
  • Post categorization during posting
    • as per all directory listing items plus projects, campaign and reports
    • user selects the type of post to share during posting
    • users selects color smiley to represent mood of post – refer to design
  • Post categorization in Feeds or timeline
    • users selected mood color is displaye in that particular post canvas background


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