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Ubujima Open Workplace

▶ Paradigm Shift ▶ Through Rewriting the ▶ Status Quo of Africa

Welcome to Ubujima’s revolutionary open workplace.

Its our basic believe that to an open hub of info, ideas, thoughts, critics, projects directed with sustainability and community at its cores is the key to co-creating the new Africa.

Our 369 Work-Map

The “what we do & how  we do it “ in a nutshell

With a shared vision and direction 2- Ubujima, a co-created and owned platform tool ANoT Project ( IoT ) to mobilize individual change-makers (20%) & resources, and engage the impacted community stakeholders (80%) to create sustainable social changes & projects.


Community stakeholders – the average person, businesses, governments

Changemakers – Professionals, Philanthropists, NGOs Entrepreneurs & Innovators, Influencers, SME, Etc.


Required reading 🚫 Community Conduct

We love having you here. To ensure everyone has a good experience, we ask everyone that interacts with Ubujima community to read our code of conduct.

Foundation Structure 2- Ubujima

Ubujima’s governance framework such as structure, members and finances such as compensation for memberships and contribution, etc.


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