Strategic Roadmap

We currently operate with the below strategic framework


Ubujima roadmap.png

Vision & Mission

At ubujima, we strongly believe that our

An Utopic Africa: communally defined to compass direct democracy, free basic needs and the unification of African people CAN ONLY be achieved through A UNITED FRONT but also Creatively.

Ubujima. Ubujima in Swaheli means creativity, collective work and responsibility


Ubujima is a wordplay in Swaheli ( Ubunifu and Ujima ) means “creativity ” and “collective work and responsibility” respectively.

Just as our naming, Ubujima and all its ANoT platform tools are built and designed

  • to foster a United Front & Co-creation
  • to inclusively define, shape and take charge of our own lives and communities.


Ubujima ANoT [African Network of Things]

Strategically attempts to identify and connect the driving factors that paths the way to our vision. Notable of these driving factors are the people & resumes, funding & support, tools, institutions of all kinds, education & awareness, etc.

Through Ubujima, we build and use both digital and on-ground tools to foster

  • Community building – pooling Africans together (home & in diaspora) for a common cause of a better Africa for all. But importantly also building tools to establish meaningful and impactful networking.
  • Resource pooling & Infrastructural networking – any change requires not just changemakers but critical to the success of their efforts are resources available to them. Funding, informatics , on ground connectivity & supports, institutional partnerships, to name a few, requires that Ubujima partner and collaborate massively with third parties in areas where we lack the resource and expertise
  • Integrative expanding – to scale up our efforts and impact on a continental level, we consider it critical to go beyond digital tools and invest in on the ground infrastructure through either partnership and acquisitions in key social necessities


These are activities the community & the team do on a day-to-day basis – they can change frequently, but are guided by our strategy to ensure they actively contribute towards our Goal of a United Front

  • Afrocom Platform tools – community & economy
  • Publicity & Reach – diaspora & local
  • African contents – informative & entertaining & promotive of culture
  • Members involvements– forums, polls, events, social
  • Team & management – inclusivity & workplace setter
  • Working team, process & workplace
  • On-the-ground– resource mapping & optimization
  • Collaborations – Institutions, Influencers
  • Support – funds, coaching & seminars, direction
  • Yet to be decide -By community


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