Ubujima’s Afrocom?

Project Afrocom is the starting initiative of the Ubujima foundation towards building a decentralize and human IoT platform for Africa. Afrocom platform serves as a key strategy towards mobilizing, engaging and empowering our communities in owing and co-creating value and socially driven projects together as a community.

AfroCom – Afro community

superinteractivedirectory & geo-tagging based application that collects & maps members activities : users, postings, polls, projects, reports, campaigns, businesses, resources, etc. These data get spatialized & clusterized with customed markers on the map as per the whole continent, region, countries, towns and localities. Map interaction by tapping a map parts ulters feeds per chosen area. Also with filter and search functions that upon changed by user, the map view automatially changes.

Target launch date : 07/2020


Other features we working on in our roadmap

  • afroplay – music and video streaming
  • ecommerce
  • projects & campaign tools
  • fintech (blockchain)
  • educations
  • alt-gov


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